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Engraving Customers Own Design
  • To engrave a design already in our engraving library (e.g. Zodiac sign, or Scottish Clan Crest) the charge will be 10 + text charge.
  • If you require your own design engraving, there is also a charge of 10 to create the template - please tick the button below to select this if appropriate.
  • (Templates can be used again for future orders without a further template charge).
  • Please email or send by post a clear image of the design you wish to have engraved + your choice of text.It is possible to engrave quite complex and detailed designs/coats of arms/cartoons as long as the image is distinct and made up of clear lines.
  • It is possible to engrave on more than one side of a tankard, flask or goblet.We reserve the right to quote an alternative charge in the case of highly complex designs. In such cases we will contact the customer before proceeding.
  • Where text engraving is also required please order with the item, using the 'add engraving' button shown against the pewter item to be ordered.

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