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Text Styles, Fonts and sizes
We show here a range of fonts which can be chosen.

  • The image shows the way in which most lettering is engraved, i.e. taking the outline of each letter, rather than a single stroke which most typed fonts use. (This outline gives an attractive effect which is most visible where larger initials are engraved, for small size engraving the outline merges together.)
  • When emailing your engraving instructions to us, please give any comments you wish (which may be very specific or generalised ) about the text style or font you would like to have used. e.g. I'd like 'a script style', 'Block letters' 'Please use Algerian font' etc.
  • If you wish please state your preferences for size of text. Different lines in your engraving can be different sizes.
  • Engraving can be done quite small if you wish it to be discrete, i.e. only readable on close examination - just request that the text size is 'as small as possible' - this can if you wish be engraved low down on the side of the item being engraved.

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