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In these pages we show many designs of British Military and Scottish Clan crests/insignia which customers can have have engraved on pewter tankards, flasks, quaiches, goblets, plates and other items.

We are now able to supply a range of pewter products - examples shown below - with crests and designs in coloured panels. For more information please click on the pewter images below.
Round Flask
  • The designs include current British Army, Navy and Royal Air Force Regiments, Ships, Squadrons, Bases etc.
  • A full range of Scottish Clan Crests are also included
  • A wide range of family crests / coats of arm design now also available,
  • Numerous other designs are held e.g. for decommissioned regiments, ships etc. If you don't find what you want please enquire. We also have designs for a range of other types of crests and insignia, enquiries welcome.
  • We hold templates for Round Table, Rotary, Freemasons, Lions Clubs, Women's Institute and many other organisations which are available to engrave your choice of pewter giftware.
  • Bespoke designs can be made to your requirements
  • When ordering, please quote the design title which is shown beneath the design.
  • The designs or templates shown in these pages are reduced in size to make browsing easier - those that we use are large and precise in detail.
  • The engraving process is computerised, and can be adjusted to suit the pewter item size.
  • Your own choice of wording (names, message etc) can be added above or below a design, or in many cases on a reverse side.
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