Top 10 Unique Christmas Gifts To Last A Lifetime!

Special Pewter Gifts in 2022

Although it’s only November, Christmas will soon creep up on us and no-one wants that last minute feeling of not knowing what to get a special family member or friend. This is why we have curated this blog post to highlight our top 10 picks for unique Christmas gifts to last a lifetime!

Pewter is a fascinating metal that is often underrated. When you don’t know what gift someone might like, many people may turn to a piece of silver jewellery, but here at, we think a pewter gift is much more special and the possibilities to create something really thoughtful are endless. Pewter is also less likely to tarnish over time, which means your gift will last longer and the memories able to live on forever.

So, here we go, here is our list and there is something for everyone – even for the people who seem to have everything!

1. Medium Brown Leather Tankard (Shop here)

Leather drinking vessels and water carriers have been in use since Neolithic times (c. 10,000 – 4500 BC), but it was during the medieval and later Tudor periods that they became particularly popular. This gorgeous, classy leather tankard is a unique nod to the past and the remarkable craftsmanship that can still be found today, especially in our workshop, here in Sheffield. Each tankard is made with hand dyed leather and is hand stitched around the handle. To add to the exclusivity of the gift, we make and sell these in limited numbers to make them truly unique. These are supplied with a carton box or why not upgrade to a presentation box or wooden box to add that final touch?

Medium Brown Leather Tankard -

2. Mahogany Leather Tankard (Shop here)

Similar to our Medium Brown Leather Tankard, but showcasing a warm-toned, deep mahogany leather with a hint of red, making it the perfect Christmas gift or even as part of a centrepiece for the Christmas Day table!

Mahogany Leather Tankard -

3. 6oz Celtic Serpent Kidney Flask (Shop here)

Got a family member or friend interested in mythology? Our 6oz Celtic Serpent could be the perfect gift! The serpent was thought to be an immortal creature (due to its ability to shed skin and reveal a new layer underneath) and became a symbol of rebirth, healing and wisdom, making this flask a thoughtful and personal gift – a real talking point when opening presents!

6oz Celtic Serpent Kidney Flask -

4. 6oz Celtic Cross Kidney Flask (Shop here)

Similar to the Celtic Serpent Kidney Flask, this flask is another spiritual gift, this time celebrating the celtic crosses found throughout Scotland and Ireland. Often predating Christianity, they are thought to have originally symbolised the Sun, fertility and the god Odin, later becoming a Christian symbol celebrating Christ and salvation.

6oz Celtic Cross Kidney Flask -
5. 6oz Celtic Cross Round Flask (Shop here)

This flask is the same as the flask above, except it is a rounded shape – perfect to fill with a glug of their favourite spirit, before slipping into a pocket for a long walk in the countryside.

6oz Celtic Cross Round Flask - 4oz Pocket Flask Captive Top (Shop here)

Our 4oz Pocket Flask with Captive Top is simple, but extremely stylish. A wonderfully ergonomic flask design – the ideal size to fit in the pocket with comfort supplied via the soft edges and corners. Just like our round flask; perfect for keeping a warming drink in for brisk winter walks and adventures in the outdoors.

4oz Pocket Flask Captive Top -
7. Pewter Celebration Flutes (Shop here)

What could be better to welcome in the New Year with than these gorgeous Pewter Celebration Flutes? Made from bright polished pewter set in a silk lined lid and base presentation box, these flutes would be the ideal Christmas gift for a newlywed couple or those who have a special anniversary in the year. They can even be engraved with names, dates and a special Christmas message.

Pewter Celebration Flutes -
8. Georgian Extra Heavy Tankard (Shop here)

This tankard is a real showstopper because of its elegant Georgian style shape, brightly polished with line detail and carrying an extra heavy weight. Handmade with care, this tankard makes a sturdy beer mug – you can even have it engraved, perhaps with the name of the receiver’s favourite beer!

Georgian Extra Heavy Tankard -
9. Butterfly Candle Votive (Shop here)

Our pretty Butterfly Candle Votive would make a special gift for a friend or work colleague. Butterflies are powerful symbols in art and loved for their beauty, grace and the sense of mystery around their humble caterpillar beginnings and short adult life spans. Inspiring artists throughout history, they allow us to pattern pewter in a somewhat random, flighty way whilst still showcasing their natural beauty. The votive is supplied with a candle – which is a standard size and can be easily replaced once used up – a gift that keeps on giving! To complete the luxury of this gift, each piece is supplied in a silk lined lid and base box.

Butterfly Candle Votive -

10. Shaving Mug (Shop here)

A gift for the real gentleman in your life! Pamper them with our lustrous pewter shaving mug, allowing them to create a rich, thick lather in seconds. The mug can also be used as a drinking vessel, just like our tankards and flasks!


The shaving mug was originally developed at a time when hot water was rare in households. Nowadays, it’s a conservative (and classy) way to prep for a wet shave and a lather. Our traditional shaving mugs (or ‘scuttles’) are handcrafted by skilled pewter craftsmen, as can be seen by the clean, shiny finish.
Why not pair it with our Pewter Soap Bowl and Pewter Shaving Brush?

Pewter Shaving Mug - Soap Bowl - Shaving Brush -



Plus, don’t forget that all of our pewter tankards and flasks can be engraved with text and/or logos; perhaps ‘Merry Christmas!’ engraved on our 4oz Pocket Flask with Captive Top for a parent’s gift or a special date engraved on our Pewter Celebration Flutes! How about a company logo engraved on our Georgian Extra Heavy Tankard to give to your employees?

Engraving -

Example of an engraved message and date on one of our tankards.

Still not sure?

The possibilities, to create a gift that keeps on giving, really are endless, but if you’re still not sure, give us a call and one of our friendly team will be happy to help, advise and talk you through our wide range of pewter products and engraving suggestions, so that you can find the perfect gifts for the most special people in your life.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of this versatile metal, check out our Blog Post ‘The Fascinating Story behind The Precious Metal Pewter’.


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