What Is Pewter?

celtic wire pewter tankard

What Is Pewter?

One longs for pewter perhaps for its subtlety in pure design, for in this respect there are few media to equal pewter of English manufacture.

C A Peal – British pewter for pleasure and investment 1971

What is pewter made from?

Pewter is a wonderful material with thousands of potential uses – the tin based alloy has a low melting point and can be worked using relatively simple tools and processes (but no little skill)

The alloy that we use for all our products is based on a recipe of 92% tin, 6% antimony and 2% copper. Here at pewter.co.uk we are the home of pewter and never use lead in our mixture.

pewter metalsmithing

Who discovered Pewter?

It is material that man has used for thousands of years with the earliest known piece being found in an Egyptian tomb dating from around 1450 BCE.

However, its low melting point as always meant that whenever a piece became damaged or out of style it was not thrown away and could be remade into the latest must have item – therefore the archaeological record is not complete, and the history is likely to be far older.

The presence of Tin in the British Isles is a relatively rare feature and was one of the main factors drawing ancient merchants and travellers to these islands – including the Roman invasions of the first century CE.

The present trade is partially represented by the Worshipful Company of Pewterers of the City of London their first royal charter was granted by Edward IV in 1473

The trade as largely been centred in Sheffield, Yorkshire since the late 18th century.

Sheffield City

The pewter industry has been a staple factor in Sheffield’s economy for over 200 years… modern products are used and enjoyed everywhere.

Jack L. Scott – Pewter Wares from Sheffield 1980

What is pewter.co.uk

We aim to present a collection of practical and desirable pieces that showcase the beauty of pewter as a material and the skill of the craftsmen and women who carefully make each piece using the skills handed down over the long history of pewter.

How do I purchase pewter gifts?

Just click on the link below to head to the Pewter Giftware Shop.  We have Pewter Flasks, Pewter Tankards, Pewter Goblets, Pewter Quaichs and they’re all handcrafted at our Workshop in Sheffield.

Every piece is ready to be engraved and is an ideal gift for special occasions such as Weddings, Birthdays & Christmas!  We even have Trophies for Retirement Events and Award Ceremonies!